A New Adhesive-based Platform for Topical Skin Closure

Developed by Resivant Medical

Cutiva™, the adhesive-based platform by Resivant Medical, promises to be the first truly disruptive replacement for
staples and sutures. Cutiva offers a flowable adhesive with the the strength of a cyanoacrylate super glue and the
flexibility and toughness of silicone.

Today’s Skin Closure Problem

Sutures and staples are traditionally used for skin closure despite their associated costs and
often less than satisfactory outcomes. Using them adds to costly operating room time.

An often-avoidable return visit for their removal can be painful, is costly, and may add additional
risk for new surgical site infection. After removal, unsightly suture marks and scars are possible.

Tomorrow’s Skin Closure Solution:Strong, Soft, Flexible, Durable and Fast

Resivant Medical has developed a novel, unique, adhesive-based platform that promises to be an alternative to
traditional sutures and staples: Cutiva™

With patents and patents pending, Cutiva™ uses a flowable adhesive that is strong, yet soft, flexible and durable.
Unlike previously developed adhesives, Resivant’s goal is to offer a topical skin closure system that will
bend, stretch and remain in place during the healing process while protecting the surgical incision.

The Cutiva™ platform includes a portfolio of products to treat a wide range of surgical incisions.

*Cutiva™ products are not yet FDA
approved for human use.

The Goal: Cost Savings and Improved Outcomes

Healthcare costs reduced by minimizing the time associated with performing traditional skin closures and eliminating follow up visits for suture removal.

Improved outcomes through the Cutiva™ skin closure system’s unique characteristics; pre-clinical studies
show its gradual disappearance and a near seamless scar after application.

Setting a new standard for how incisions are closed across multiple surgical specialties and procedures.

*Cutiva™ products are not yet FDA
approved for human use.