A New Adhesive-Based Platform

Developed by Resivant Medical

Discovered at the University of Akron
School of Polymer Sciences

Resivant Medical holds an exclusive license from the University of Akron Research Foundation and has additional patents pending. The proprietary adhesive Cutiva™ platform promises a new and advanced means of safe, simple and secure skin closure.

Cutiva™ is not FDA cleared for human use.

Innovative Adhesive Applicator

Cutiva™ Topical Skin Closure

An adhesive should be simple to apply. Cutiva’s™ applicator is ergonomically designed for single hand use and controllable dispensing, as needed.

Cutiva™ Plus Topical Skin Closure Platform

Cutiva™ Plus is designed to extend the Cutiva™ platform into an adhesive with an added surgical mesh. The mesh is intended to provide added strength in lieu of sutures, and would be positioned on the skin while the adhesive is then applied onto the mesh. This is expected to form a reinforced, high-strength, flexible barrier to better protect the surgical site while healing occurs.

Pre-design Development

Resivant’s pre-design studies indicate improved cosmetic results when compared to sutures, and enhanced mechanical performance compared to other adhesives. Safety was apparent from both histology and visual observation of skin reactions. Cutiva™ is not FDA cleared for human use.